So, you are looking for a great preschool where your child can grow not only physically, mentally, and cognitively but spiritually too. At Mission Hills Preschool we want parents to feel confident that their children will play and learn, making the most of their time while meeting developmental milestones in a positive environment. Whether you are looking for a preschool for the first time or searching for a new school environment, there are a few signs to look for in a quality program.

This list will help identify what it takes to provide the best experience where happy and healthy kids flourish. Mission Hills Preschool works hard to maintain these standards while continuing to improve upon them. We have highlighted our strengths for you to see how we compare. This is what success looks like at Mission Hills Preschool:

Up to Date Child Care Licensing

State and federal governments set the standards for safety and quality programs. State licensing shows that a program is stable, responsible, and on top of its legal requirements. At Mission Hills Preschool this is a must, and we take our role very seriously in following all state and local requirements. Additionally, we are an accredited program through ACSI-Association of Christian Schools International which brings a higher level of quality to our school.

Safe & Secure Facilities

Safety and security encompass a wide range of tools, policies, and procedures, from vaccination requirements to childproof doors and visitor screening. At Mission Hills Preschool we keep safety first by providing:

  • Secure classrooms with carefully controlled access
  • First aid and CPR qualified staff
  • Thorough sanitation measures on campus and sick policies for both kids and staff
  • All-inclusive safety plan with frequent fire and safety drills
  • Verified Parental Authorization for Pick Up
Qualified Teachers and Staff

Training by Early Childhood professionals is a must. Our staff at Mission Hills Preschool focuses on continual professional development in early learning so we can provide activities and lesson plans in accordance with best practices in the classroom. Our teacher qualifications exceed the state standards, and we have high teacher retention.

Detailed Curriculum & Lesson Plans

It is important to coordinate lesson plans and activities into a broader curriculum with well-defined developmental outcomes. Each teacher at Mission Hills Preschool creates weekly themes and lesson plans for specific learning domains including Social-Emotional, Math, Language, Science, Music and Movement, Art, and Bible Stories. We assess and observe each child’s growth and communicate this with parents regularly and at scheduled parent-teacher conferences throughout the school year.

Separated Age Groups and Low staff-to-child Ratios

Different age groups have different developmental and educational needs. Quality programs know the importance of separating age groups to allow lessons, books, and equipment to target each stage of a child’s development. Mission Hills Preschool serves 2’s, 3’s, and PreK students with a low staff-to-child ratio, having two staff members always present in every classroom. This is the clearest way to ensure each child gets the individual attention they need to thrive.

Consistent Rules and Policies

A great early childhood program clearly outlines its procedures and policies, so parents know what to expect surrounding payments, drop-offs and pickups, food from home, and absences. These policies should also outline emergency plans, safety, discipline, and medical situations. At Mission Hills Preschool we believe that having a complete Parent Handbook lays the foundation for transparency, accountability and trust between parents and the school.

Effective Use of Technology

An important sign of a great preschool is constant improvement, which means keeping up with the latest technology. Popular technologies you will see at a well-run preschool include online parent portals with daily reports, digital attendance tracking for contactless check-in and easy billing payment. Mission Hills Preschool uses an app that encompasses all this and more. Parents can communicate easily and directly with the teachers at any time and the school can communicate quickly and efficiently with all parents when there is a situation such as inclement weather or emergency.

Strong Parent Engagement

Parents strive to know what their child is doing at school when they are away from home. Effective ways Mission Hills Preschool keeps in touch with the parents is through daily reports and photos straight from the classroom, digital newsletters and calendars, meet and greet videos and parent-teacher conferences. This back-and-forth communication is key to keeping parents abreast of their child’s progress and ensuring an open parent/school partnership.

Stimulating Environment

Above all, a quality program should be a happy place for staff and children, busy but not chaotic. At Mission Hills Preschool you will hear happy voices and engaging conversations where an imaginative spirit is welcomed. Our program is staffed by enthusiastic and patient teachers in a joyful atmosphere where children love to play and learn.