Are you looking for ideas on what to do with your preschooler this summer? Activities to keep your kids busy, get them outside, and keep them engaged? Check out the fun list that we’ve put together! There are tons of items on our list whether you live in the Denver Metro area or not.


Teacher’s Favorites

  • Denver Zoo / Ride the Train – Mrs. Carson & Mrs. Sedberry
  • Eat Breakfast on the Patio in your PJ’s – Mrs. Shelley
  • Go to the Ocean, Santa Rosa Beach, FL (to be exact) – Miss Kimberly
  • Ride a Horse at Mrs. Barbie’s House
  • “Field-trip Fridays” – Mrs. Fye
  • Make Root Beer Floats – Mrs. Oates
  • Putt-Putt Golf at Colorado Journey – Mrs. Barbara Brown
  • Watch the Sunset from Daniel’s Park – Mrs. Tracy
  • Eat Tacos from a Food Truck – Mrs. Loring
  • Find all Fifty States License Plates – Mrs. Marcy
  • Make Homemade Ice Cream – Mrs. Bell
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Mrs. Wenig
  • Butterfly Pavilion – Mrs. Carson
  • Flashlight Walks After Dark – Mrs. Sedberry
  • Learn to float on your tummy & blow bubbles – Mrs. Marcy
  • View stars & Planets (SkyView Lite App) – Mrs. Bell
  • Have a Picnic at DeKovend Park – Mrs. Lori
  • Go Night Swimming – Mrs. Colleen
  • Sleep in a Tent in the Backyard – Mrs. Shelley
  • Backyard Movie Night/Bring out the Pillows and Blankets – Miss Lisa
  • Drive through Rocky Mtn National Park (Need a reservation)-Mrs. Carson
    Then by Taffy in Estes Park – Mrs. Sedberry
  • Make Homemade Playdough – Miss Lisa
  • Play with Friends at Arapaho Park – Mrs. Wenig
  • Water Balloon Fights – Mrs. Sedberry
  • “Time to Read Tuesdays” Go to the Library – Mrs. Fye